Is it safe to visit Ladakh with family?

Ladakh with family

Ladakh is always known as an adventurous place. Every time you hear Ladakh in any conversation you’ll be reminded of rough roads, cold weather, and trekking on mountains. Many people also think that Ladakh is only a biker’s place. They believe that only bikers or people who love adventure can visit a place like Ladakh. Well, you can say this is partially correct but not true. Ladakh is not only about trekking and rough roads. Every coin has two faces similarly, people look at Ladakh from two sides. One is the harsh cold weather with no connectivity and less accessibility, and the other is the beautiful snow-covered mountains, the long-lived heritage of India, the culture, the tradition, the beautiful monasteries, the silence and peacefulness of the lakes, and so many more things to explore. Ladakh is just not a place with cold weather, you can find so many beautiful and unexplored things that you’ll never find in the big cities covered with buildings and industries. Ladakh is a place that is protected by nature, not by people, it is heaven on earth for a reason.

You may be wondering, it is fine to go on a solo trip to Ladakh but is it safe to visit Ladakh with family?

Let’s first see what is the cause, why people think that it is not possible to visit Ladakh with family.

Why it is considered dangerous to visit Ladakh with family?

Some of the people believe in myths and are still living by them. There are many myths about Ladakh that is so old but are still believed. These myths have created a corner in people’s minds and it doesn’t allow them to get out of it and conquer reality.

Here, we will dig into those myths and enlighten the reality for you.

  1. Ladakh can only be visited by travel bike.

No, this is wrong. You can travel in Ladakh with Tourists cab, shared or individual. You can also take rental bikes which are cost-friendly. You can always choose your vehicle as per your need, if you are traveling solo you can choose your bike and if you are traveling with family you can choose cabs. For the people who are traveling from far states like Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu, they cannot carry their bikes with them for such a long distance, they have to book rental bikes or cars. The cabs can be booked earlier or they can be found nearby the places you visit easily.

  1. Kids and Elderly people cannot travel in such weather conditions.

This can be partially true, as it depends on the health conditions. The places you’ll be visiting in Ladakh will be mostly at high altitudes and if you have some breathing and heart problems then it’s better to avoid traveling.

It is only for the people who are suffering from any kind of disease. Else, you can take your kids and elderly family members on a trip to Ladakh it is not a problem. There are many trekking programs in which you’ll see so many elderly people participating without any harm. If your health allows, and you make your mind you can go to any place and enjoy to the fullest.

  1. Weather in Ladakh will never let you enjoy it.

You must be joking if you believe this. There is no such enjoyment that comes from laziness. The weather is the key point, which makes Ladakh so special. The snow-covered mountains, the cold weather will get you so much excitement and thrill while you travel and explore Ladakh. The weather won’t bother if you truly enjoy your trip. There is no such medicine that will make you feel good or makes you feel warm from the inside. You can only enjoy, run and feel the moment the adrenal rush within your body will make you feel warm automatically. Don’t be scared, it is a one-time opportunity and maybe you’ll feel the best moment with your family like this.

  1. Trip to Ladakh is not accessible throughout the year.

Ladakh was earlier a difficult place to visit, but the development of our country has led to flights and trains throughout the year. Even the buses run throughout the years and twice a day. Earlier, it was difficult to go to Ladakh during winters but that is also allowed. Some places are still restricted to visit during winters but some places are accessible throughout the year. You have to take permission and permit with valid documents and you’ll be able to enjoy your trip to Ladakh with family at any time of the year.

  1. It takes too much time and money to visit Ladakh.

Partially true, but can be controlled. You can have to Ladakh for 5-6 days and 11-15 days it depends on you how much time you want to invest in this trip. You do not have to explore all the areas in Ladakh, you make a small list of places that are highly recommended and have a few days trip with your family. If we talk about money, you can book a tour package which is under your budget, this is the simplest way you can save money as they’ll provide you with additional facilities. You can also control your expenses and have a budget-friendly trip.

These were some myths which you need to conquer to have a clear thought for a trip to Ladakh with family. There are many other things that you have to keep in mind before planning a trip to Ladakh.

 Things to keep in mind.

  • If you are traveling with the elder you should consult a doctor first and have a full body check-up to avoid any bad circumstances further. If the reports are normal, you can have a safe trip with your family.
  • If your baby is about 3 months old or less, avoid this trip as it may cause to the baby and the mother as well.
  • If you are going toward high-altitude areas, you can feel motion sickness. In kids, it is hard to determine the symptoms so you must take care of that and if it continues with the elder then stop the journey there and go to lower altitude places

What to carry while traveling to Ladakh with Family?

  • Carry proper medicines prescribed just in case of any emergency, so that you can relax a bit before reaching the nearby hospital.
  • Pack enough warm clothes for your kids and yourself to make sure you have a normal body temperature.
  • Carry thermal water bottles and enough water. This will help to be hydrated and warm.
  • Carry proper documents of all the family members with you in a secure bag. So, that it can be found in one place when needed.
  • Carry enough you can book cabs or buy the necessities on time.
  • Oxygen cylinder

Best time to visit Ladakh with Family

The best time to visit Ladakh with the family will be from May to September. As it is a bit less-colder and the tourist count is also high. All the places are accessible at this time, so, you just have to reach on time to every place, before they are closed for the tourists.


Is it safe to visit Ladakh with family?

As mentioned earlier, every coin has two sides, so this also has two sides.

Let’s talk about the no side first, why is it not safe to visit Ladakh with family. It is a difficult thing to deal with as you have to take care of so many things. Traveling with kids will never let you stay in one place. They will go around here and there and if you run with them, you’ll be tired soon and it is a dangerous situation. You cannot take them to high-altitude places because of motion sickness and it may lead to something more. These conditions are avoidable and can be controlled if you have a well-planned schedule before you visit and take care of the things mentioned above.

Yes, it is safe to visit Ladakh with family, you just have to take proper precautions and permits before going to avoid the bad circumstances. There is no such problem in visiting Ladakh with family because it is always fun with family, where ever you go. It is better to take your family with you as it will be one of the best moments and a great memory for your kids. The elders have lived their life which is dedicated to their kids, so taking them on such an adventurous trip will make them happy and relaxed for some time.

You cannot miss appreciating the beauty of Ladakh, the places like Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri and so many monasteries will attract your attention that you will be mesmerized by the beauty and peace. The valleys and beautiful lakes with beautiful pine trees are not something that is found every day. It is like a daydream.

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