Valley of Flowers trek

Valley of Flowers trek

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers Trek is one of the most popular treks in India in the Himalayas. Those people who have never been to the Himalayas must have heard the name of this trek. Flowers of Valley Trek gives a feeling of heaven on earth.

But there is a solid reason behind the fame and popularity of Valley of Flowers – this Trek is one of the oldest and most popular treks in India. In 1980, the Indian government created the Valley of Flowers National Park, and later in 2002, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It also included the Valley of Flowers in the list of trekkers around the world. The Valley of Flowers is one of the most explored places in Uttarakhand. This beautiful valley is spread for about 8-10 kms.When you enter this Valley of Flowers, you will be stunned to see the beauty of this place, the pictures which you are able to see in this blog, this valley is more beautiful than that.

It is very difficult to describe the beauty of this place in words, you have to experience it yourself and this experience will be one of the most beautiful experience of your life.It would be very difficult to compare it with anyone else. In this beautiful valley, you will get to see some types of flowers, red flowers, yellow flowers, pink flowers, all this is a beautiful sight in itself in the valley of flowers, you will see beautiful peaks everywhere here.Some of them are covered with snow, some include grasslands which you can see in the pictures of this blog, and above all, a beautiful river named Pushpavati river flowing in the middle, view of this river Most trekkers miss out.

But you must not miss this view at all. Pushpavati river adds to the beauty of this place.

  • Trek Duration – It may take you 4 days to trek the Valley of Flowers. (If your journey starts from Haridwar.
  •  Trek  Distance-The trek to the Valley of Flowers is 11 kms.
  •  Trek Starting point- The trek to the Valley of Flowers starts from Govind Ghat Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers trek

Journey Begins Valley of Flowers

  • Day1: Haridwar to Govindghat – Haridwar to Govindghat First of all you reach Haridwar and start your journey from Haridwar to Govind Ghat. The path from Haridwar to Govind Ghat goes through the Badrinath Highway, in this journey you travel along the banks of the beautiful Alaknanda River. It will take you around 11 to 12 hours to reach Govind Ghat from Haridwar.
  •  Day 2: Trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria – Govindghat to Ghangaria
    Now you have to reach Ghangaria from Govind Ghat. Earlier, Govind used to travel from Ghat to Ghangaria by trekking. But now the road from Govind Ghat to Ghangaria has been made here. So you can also reach from Govind Ghat to Ghangaria by taxi or you can also go by trek from Govind Ghat to Ghangaria, the distance from Govind Ghat to Ghangaria is 4 kilometers. And on this way you will come across many dhabas which serve you delicious food and there is also a Gurudwara which provides you delicious food for free.\Now after reaching Ghangaria from Govind Ghat, you have to stay at Ghangaria for one night. Here you will find hotels. And try not to take a taxi from Govind Ghat to Ghangaria and do a pedal trek because this path is also very beautiful and you will walk along the river from Govind Ghat to Ghangaria.
  • Day 3: Trek from Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers and back to Ghangaria – Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers and back to GhangariaToday you have to trek from Ghangharia to Valley of Flowers, the distance of which will b be 7.5 kms from Ghangharia.To Trek Valley of Flowers, you leave your hotel early in the morning, if Valley of Flowers opens at 7 in the morning, then leave your hotel at 6 in the morning. And buy your ticket for Valley of Flowers. After that you will be trekking the whole day today and enjoy the Trek. Special thing: – Your tr ek to Valley of Flowers starts at 7 in the morning, and you have to reach back by 5 in the evening.
  • Day 4: Trek from Ghangaria to Govindghat – back to Govindghat from Ghangaria
    Now after completing your trek of Valley of Flowers , trek back from Ghangaria to Govindghat or you can also take a taxi from here to Ghangaria to Govind Ghat. But my advice to you is this. Before you go back, you should also cover Hemkund Sahib, Hemkund Sahib will add another day and 6 hours of trek to your journey. Must visit Hemkund Sahib You can easily do the trek to`> Valley of Flowers. But climbing Hemkund Sahib challenges you to the next level and it is not easy at all. This 6 kilometer trek takes you to a height of about 4,000 feet. Not only does it present a new challenge, but it also takes you into a beautiful area that you would not have expected.

Why Valley of Flowers Trek Famous

  • Valley of Flowers is famous for trekking.
  • The trek to the Valley of Flowers is famous for the beauty of nature.
  • Valley of Flowers Indian National Park is famous for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and the variety of flora.
  • The trek to the Valley of Flowers is famous for the Pushpavati River.
  • Valley of Flowers is Famous for photography.
  • The trek to the Valley of Flowers is famous for alpine flowers.

Best time to Visit Valley of Flowers :

The best time to trek to the Valley of Flowers is from mid-July to mid-August.

Trek Difficulty Level 

 Those who are trekking for the first time. The climb of Valley of Flowers Treks is not very difficult. You can do this easily.

Which place will come on the way from Haridwar to Valley of Flowers?
First you will go :

  • Haridwar to Rishikesh
  • Rishikesh to Srinagar
  • Srinagar to Rudraprayag
  • Rudraprayag to Nandprayag
  • Nandprayag to Joshimath
  • Joshimath to Govind Ghat

Valley of Flowers trek

How to reach Valley of Flowers Trekk Uttarakhand

By Train: The nearest railway station to Valley of Flowers is Rishikesh. You can reach Rishikesh with the help of train. And after that you can take a taxi from Rishikesh to Govind Ghat, this taxi will take you to Govind Ghat in 11 to 12 hours.

By Road: You can also reach Valley of Flowers by road, you will get bus from Rishikesh to Joshimath which will take you to Joshimath in 10 to 11 hours and then the distance from Joshimath to Govind Ghat is 20 kms. You will get bus to Govind Ghat from Joshimath itself.

Valley of Flowers Entry Fee

  • There is a fee of Rs 150 for Indians.
  • There is a fee of Rs 650 for foreigners.


  1. How long is the walk to Hemkund Sahib?
    After reaching Ghangaria village, you can start the trek to Hemkund Sahib. And the distance from Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib is 6 kms, and it will take around 4-5 hours.
  2. what is the budget for flowers of valley Trek?
    It can cost you up to 8000 to do this trek.
  3. Can we stay in Valley of Flowers?
    No one is allowed to stay overnight in the Valley of Flowers.
  4.  In which month the trek to the Valley of Flowers is open to the public.
    The trek to the Valley of Flowers is opened to the public on 1 June every year. and is open from June to October.
  5. In which month the trek to the Valley of Flowers is closed to the public.
    The trek to the Valley of Flowers is closed to the public after 31st October.

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