Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek Uttarakhand

Nag Tibba Trek is one of the highest peaks in the lower Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. The elevation of Nag Tibba is 9,915 feet above sea level. Nag Tibba Trek derives its name from the name of ‘Nag Devta’, and it is a great destination for adventure lovers from all over the world. From here you can get a 100 degree view of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges like Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Shrikhand Mahadev and Gangotri.

You can also see Kedarnath peak, Doon valley and snowy peaks of Changbang in the north. To see such views, you have to climb the Nag Tibba Treks.

This Trek passes through the middle of the forests and meadows, here you get to enjoy a lot of peace and exciting trekking. During Nag Tibba trekking, you will witness beautiful flora and fauna, lush green mountains and dense forests which will make you fall in love with its beauty.

As you go up on one side of the mountain and come down from the other side, you also get a wonderful experience of a variety of landscapes.

This trek is also very great for those people who are short of time, you can complete this trek very easily in 2 days time and you can enjoy trekking and camping to the fullest beauty of Himalayas between the plains.

This Trek is located at a distance of 75 kms from Mussoorie, and 390 kms from Delhi. This trek is mostly done by those people who come to spend their holidays in Mussoorie.

Trek Duration : 

Nag Tibba Trek, you can easily complete in 2 days.

Trek Distance : 

Nag Tibba Trek is 16 kms. This means that you will cover a distance of about 8 kilometers in 6 hours on both the days.

Nag Tibba Starting Point : 

Nag Tibba Trek starts from Pantwari village. It takes about 4 hours from Dehradun to reach Pantwari village, the distance from Dehradun to Pantwari village is 85 kms.

 Nag Tibba Difficulty Level

This trek is not very difficult to do, this trek can be done very easily by those people who are doing the first trek.

Journey Begins of Nag Tibba Trek

Day 1 : Pantwari Village to Camp 1/Khatian

Your trek will first start from Pantwari village to Camp 1/Khatian. Its distance will be 4.5 kilometers, it will take you about 3 hours to cover this route. The trail is set up properly in most places, so you won’t have much trouble walking.

Most of the starting route of this trek is very well laid. Somewhere you will also find a cement paved road. The night experience of this trek is very beautiful and spectacular. Here you can enjoy all the fun of camping with borne fire at night.

Day 2 :Camp 1 Khatian to Nag Tibba

Today you will trek from Camp 1 Khatian to Nag Tibba. Which will have a height of 9,915 feet, from here you will have a clear view of the Garhwal peaks including Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Shrikhand Mahadev and Gangotri.

Here you take all your time and look at the beauty of this place and take a lot of photos and take beautiful memories with you from here. In the winter months, you will also get to see a ton of snow here and the experience is amazing.

After seeing this beautiful view, you will have to descend towards Pantwari village. After that you can get down and take rest or you can leave back for Dehradun.

Why Nag Tibba Trek Famous?

  • It is famous for the highest peak in the lower Himalayan region.
  • It is famous for camping.
  • Nag Tibba is famous for trekking.
  • It is famous for its spectacular view of the Himalayas.
  • Nag Tibba is also famous for the beautiful sunset.

 Best time to Visit Nag Tibba Trek?

Best time to visit Nag Tibba Trek, October to December, at this time you also get to see snow here. You can do this trek at any time of the year, whenever you want to feel the cold, then you can do this trek.

How to reach Nag Tibba Uttarakhand in Hindi?

To reach Nag Tibba Trek, you must first reach Dehradun. From Dehradun you have to catch a bus to Nainbagh or you can also reach here by taxi. The distance from Dehradun to Nainbagh is 75 kilometers, it will take you about 3 to 4 hours to reach here.

After reaching Nainbagh, you will have to proceed towards Pantwari village, the distance from Nainbagh to Pantwari village is only 30 minutes. If you are coming by bus then you will get jeep from Nain Bagh to Pantwari village very easily and it will take you 30 minutes to reach here by jeep also.


1. Nag Tibba Distance from Dehradun?
The distance from Dehradun to Nag Tibba trek is 75 kms.

2. Nag Tibba Trek in One Day?
It takes you two days to do this trek.

3. Nag Tibba Trek Experience?
The experience of this trek is very spectacular, this trek takes you very close to the Himalayas in a very short time.

4. What is the temperature of Nag Tibba?
During the summer months, the temperature here ranges from 12 degrees to 16 degrees during the day and goes from 6 degrees to minus -10 degrees during the night.

5. How is the Nag Tibba Trek in the month of March?
You get to see a lot of snow here in the month of March. And in the month of March, the view of Nag Tibba Trek is very spectacular, which tourists come here every year to see.

6.-what is the budget for Nag Tibba?
It can cost you up to 3000 to do this trek. If your trek starts from Dehradun 

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