Mount Abu

Mount Abu- The most beautiful place in Rajasthan

Mount Abu Rajasthan’s only hill station, which is the most popular tourist destination of this state because of its quiet atmosphere and green. Mount Abu Tourism is on a high stone plateau in the Aravali Range which is surrounded by the forest. The quiet climate of this place and the visual tourists of the bottom are very excited. Nakki Lake of Mount Abu is considered being a very famous place for boating. There are many popular tourist sites like Dilwara Temple, Honeymoon Point, Sunset Point at this place. Green forests surrounded Mount Abu, which is very good for both tourists.

History of Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a popular Jain pilgrimage site and the only ancient hill station in Rajasthan. According to mythology, the Treaters of the Hindu religion visit the goddess of Hindu religion on the holy mountain. It is believed that once the great Saint Vashisht had organized a sacrifice here for the destruction of Asuras from Earth, then Lord Mahavir was also here in Jain Dharma. Since then, this place became a religious place for Jain devotees.

It is also said that the name of this place is in the name of Rabuada son of the Himalayas. Rabura was a powerful snake, which saved a life from falling into the ditch of Lord Shiva’s bullet. Later this place developed in the form of ‘Mount Abu’, which became a residence of religious devotion. It has been reported in folk tales that many Hindu goddesses often come to this pure mountain. Gomukh, Rishi Vashishth has also lived here.

Even after so many times, Mount Abu is also a religious place with being a tourist place. Because of the lack of a history of Mount Abu, there is not much information about its history and development. It is said about this place that due to being a tough terrain and dense forest, this place was never invaded nor attacked by any foreign ruler here.

Some historical information suggests that this area was part of the rule of Naga, Nags, Solutions, and Deora-Chauhan. But the best Dilwara temple was built under the rule of solubility. Gaurav has received only the rule of ‘Gurjar’. After which this place was going to be known as ‘Gurgaubhoomi’. At the time of Akbar’s Mughal rule, they started the glory and importance of this place. But with the rise of the British Raj, this place has returned its importance. Mount Abu also got the title of Rajasthan’s summer capital. Today Mount Abu is famous as an attractive tourist spot around the world.


If you are planning to visit Mount Abu with your family or friends, then you must go to the place given below.

Dilwara Jain Temple-Mount Abu’s most famous pilgrimage

Dilwara Jain Temple is the most popular and beautiful pilgrimage of Jains between the Aravali hills of Rajasthan. The construction of this temple was architected and Tejpal between the 11th and 13th centuries. Dilwara Temple is famous due to its complex carving and the structure of marble. This temple looks very simple from the outside, but when you look at this temple from the inside, it will be attracted to see the designs on the roof, walls, arches, and columns. With the pilgrimage of Jains, this temple is such a magical structure made from marble, which attracts everyone.

Wildlife Sanctuary- Good place to roam in Mount Abu

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is rich biodiversity such a place which includes it in a small and good tourist site. This sanctuary is one of the oldest places of the Mount Abu Mountain series and with many exquisite here, you also see many sightseeing sites. This whole area was made a wildlife sanctuary to preserve the flora and organisms. This sanctuary is a place where the lively vegetation of evergreen jungles is found. If you want to see some good wildlife and experience a natural place at the time of visit to Rajasthan, it is a delightful place for this.

Nakki Lake -Famous Tourist Spot 

There is a noble lake in the Aravali ranges in Mount Abu, which is also known as the name of the local lake. We consider this lake to be the goods of heaven for nature lovers because this lake loaded with wonderful natural documents is actually the most prominent attraction of Mount Abu. Ni lake is India’s first man-made lake, which depends about 11,000 meters and width is a mile. In the center of Mount Abu, it is surrounded by attractive lake green mountains, mountains and strange rocks. Boating in Mount Abu’s flying wind and soothing temperature will make your heart happy. It is said that in the lake, Mahatma Gandhi’s ash was immersed on February 12, 1948, and they constructed Gandhi Ghat. This lake is a very popular place for nature lovers and photography amateurs.

Guru Shikhar- Mount Abu’s famous place

If you have bored the fastest and busy life in the city, then the Guru Shikhar is the best place for you. The Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of the Aravali Range, which is about 15 kilometers away from Mount Abu. The height of this peak is 1722 meters, due to which there is a very attractive view of the Hill Station of the Aravali range and Mount Abu from here. At this place, the cave temple of Abonubhala and Guru Dattatreya, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There is an Infrared Telescope of 1.2 meters in the observatory. After a 15 kilometer drive, get some stairs to go to the Guru Summit. If you go to this place in October and November, then there are a lot of clouds and haze. Tourists coming here feel as they are going on the master summit with the help of clouds because the mist appears around. This place blames the tourists coming here.

Gomukh Temple- The main religious place in Mount Abu

At Mount Abu, Gomukh Temple situated at a distance of one kilometer from the city is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. To visit this temple, you have to go to the sacred climb of 700 stairs. This temple presents a panoramic view of the valley. There is a crowd of tourists and devotees across the Gomukh temple. In this temple situated between the dense forest, Gaumukh (Cow Copmouth) welcomes Nandi with statues of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, and Rishi Vashishtha. In this temple, the idol of marble bulls (falling from the mouth) is dedicated to Bull Nandi of Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology.

Come here, you can also enjoy trekking with the beauty of nature. It is said about the temple that this temple was made in dedication of Saint Vashishta, who had a yagna for the construction of four major Rajput descendants. The fire in the fire is one of the main attractions of this temple. It has been known from the story of Ramayana that Ram and Lakshman came to this place to achieve knowledge of Ram and Laxman, and they had blessed the sage Vashishta, living here.

Arbuda Devi Temple – The sightseeing of Mount Abu

The Arbuda Devi temple is considered to be the most sacred pilgrimage of Mount Abu. This temple is considered to be the sixth powered in 51. Arbuda Devi is called the incarnation of Katyayani Devi. On the occasion of Navratri, Mount Abu’s tourism place turns into a spiritual city. Here people come to the philosophy of the Urbuda Devi temple. Let us tell you that this temple is located inside a cave, for which you have to go to 365 stairs. It is said that the temple has sacred wells made of milk-colored water. Here’s the permanent resident of this well as Kamdhenu (holy cow). This is also the principal source of water for the Holy Kuan temple. This temple built from huge solid rocks is one of the best samples of temples built on the rocks of India.

Trevors Tank – Famous tourist destination

Trevors Tank located 5 km away from Mount Abu is a very popular place for nature lovers. Its name has been kept in the name of an engineer called Trevor, who had designed it. To see the crocodile, birds, and other wildlife, there has been a reservoir in the popular solitary forest. Currently, it is a popular picnic spot for both locals and tourists coming here every year. This place shows you a magnificent view of nature.

Toad Rock- The attraction of Mount Abu

Toad Rock is known as Mount Abu’s mascot, it is a very amazing place made from rocks where you will get bigger rocks. Todd Rock Mount Abu is the most viewed place among all the tourists. To see the visual scenes of the nearby lake and green hill areas you can climb on the rock and can capture some lover’s scenes with the help of your camera.

Shri Raghunath Temple – Popular temple in Mount Abu

Dedicated to the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, a 650-year-old temple on the banks of Mr. Raghunath Ji Temple Nikki Lake. Which is mainly a temple seen by Vaishnavas, which is one of the most sacred temples on Earth. It is believed that Mr. Raghunath is believed that protects his followers from all-natural disasters. Their devotees also believe that they will free them from the pain and all the problems. Mewar’s architectural heritage can be seen with the help of inscriptions on the walls of this temple. This temple also gets delicate painting and carving. Mr. Raghunath Ji’s excellent carved idol is the major attraction of Mount Abu.

Universal Peace Hall – Mount Abu’s Famous Tourist Place

Universal Peace Hall, which is the Chief House Hall of Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University, is also called Om Shanti Bhavan. This building was constructed in 1983. About 5,000 people can sit in this situation of peaceful white structure. During this recent event, there is a facility for translation in 16 bidding languages. Since this situation has been declared public tourist sites, over 8,000 people come here every day. When you come to the Universal Peace Hall, a member of Brahma Kumar will take you to a mutually interactive group where the trouble and stress of any person are removed.

Sunset Point – Best Place to Visit in Mount Abu 

If you are coming to move to Mount Abu, then your journey will not be completed without the special destination of Sun Set Point Tourism. At this place, you get to see such a look that will never be your thought. At the time of sunset, the sun rays attract tourists attracts tourists very much outside the Rugged Aravali ranges. This place has a pleasant climate full year. This place is very special for any nature lover because when the sun drowns, its rays are exquisite in the rich greenery of Aravali in red and orange colors. This place of Mount Abu is very good for those who want to enjoy the sunset by staying away from the crowded mohel of the city.

Achalgarh Fort – Historical place to roam in Mount Abu

Achalgarh Fort located at a distance of 11 km from Mount Abu is one of the famous ancient kilos of Rajasthan. Aalgarh village is a picturesque village in Mount Abu, which is famous for Achalgarh Fort, Ateshwar Temple, and Historical Jain temples. A famous Shiv Temple, Achaleshwar Mahadeva Temple, and Mandakini Lake in the fort’s campus.

A statue of a Nandi Ji is also set up with 5 metals (bronze, gold, zinc, copper, and brass) in the center of Aaleshwar Mahadev. History lovers have also been a famous site for History lovers along with history lovers to roam. The old temple of many historical relics and great religious importance remains the attraction center for tourists.

Best time to visit Mount Abu 

In Mount Abu, there is a good climate throughout the year, because rich flora surrounds this place, in which there are flower shrubs and coniferous trees. If you are thinking about roaming in Mount Abu, then tell that the best time to travel to this place is during monsoon and winter. This means that you can visit Mount Abu from July to February. The beautiful weather and pleasant temperature of these months are excellent for traveling to this place.


Mount Abu is also a special place to get a popular and simple hill station with popular pure vegetarian food. Because of being a very popular Jain pilgrimage, there are many pure-vegetarian restaurants, so here you should keep a lot less than the hope of getting carnivorous food. Mount Abu gets local Rajasthani, Punjabi, and Chinese food easily. But you will find the restaurant around the center of Punjabi and Chinese food. That’s why you taste the taste of local food here.

How to reach Mount Abu

You can travel by air, train or road to move Mount Abu.

By Air- If you are planning to go to the airplane to roam Mount Abu, then let us tell you that there is no Direct Airport connected to Mount Abu. Its nearest airport is in Udaipur Rajasthan. Mount Abu’s distance from Udaipur airport is 177 km, in which you will take 3 hours of road. If you are coming from another country, then it will be better to descend Ahmedabad Airport, which is an international airport. Apart from this, you can take connecting flights to Udaipur from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur. After this, you can take a taxi or cab to reach Mount Abu.

By train- If you want to travel by train, you will get many trains for Mount Abu from Jaipur and Ahmedabad. But if you are traveling to Mount Abu, besides Jaipur and Ahmedabad, then we should tell you to prioritize the taxi to reach here, because you can have a lot of trouble coming from the train. The train will have to go a long way to reach Mount Abu.

By road- You will get the state transport just to go to Mount Abu. The best way to reach Mount Abu for international travelers is to catch the flight from Delhi to Udaipur. After this, he can reach Mount Abu with the help of a private car or taxi by road from Udaipur.

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