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Ultimate Leh Ladakh Travel Guide – 2022

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Best Time for Ladakh Bike Trip | Leh Ladakh tour packages

Any month you choose to plan a trip to Ladakh, it will always be worth it. Ladakh will remain as beautiful as ever. The snow-covered mountains, beautiful lakes, and completely peaceful atmosphere will always make you mesmerized 

However, if you are searching for the Ladakh bike trip best time then we recommend you to go between September-October. It is one of the best times to go on a trip to Ladakh. You can always go at your convenience at any time of the year for Ladakh bike tours It’s up to you how you like to plan your Ladakh bike trip.

Now there must be a question in your mind, why September to October is considered the best time for a Ladakh bike trip?

Let’s have a broader look at the different seasons and the environmental conditions of Ladakh throughout the year for Leh Ladakh tour packages 

  • January-February: we do not recommend you to go during this time of the year, as Ladakh is already a cooler place than any other. It can go up to -3 degrees Celsius to -15 degrees Celsius during nights. Jammu and Kashmir are not only known for their beauty but it is the coldest place in India.
  • March-April: During March-April it is relatively less cold than January and February. The temperature can go up to 6 degrees Celsius to -5 or -4 degrees Celsius during Nights. It is slightly less and you can have a great time as it is the best time for tourism.
  •  May-June: During May it starts to get a little warm but you still have to wear loads of clothes to go out. During May to June, the temperature can go from 5 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius. It can be a good time for some people but you will not be able to see those beautiful lakes as they just start melting during this time but most of them are still frozen.
  • June-July: Here comes the rainfall. It ruins the mood for your Ladakh bike trips and it is a lot of risks to go for a Ladakh bike trip. Since it is surrounded by mountains you cannot expect what will happen. It’s better to stay safe. For rainfall lovers, it will be the best time to visit Ladakh. The mood will be more romantic than adventure. You will experience snowfall and rain together. What a Blissful Scene, isn’t it?
  • August: You can feel the summer goodbyes and approach winter during august. This is one of the best times to visit Ladakh. The new leaves and greenery will get you hooked to the place and won’t ever let you take off your eyes. It’s not less than any heaven. The temperature during august can go up to 15 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. It is moderate weather or you can say it’s winter with a hint of summer. Still, during nights, the temperature can drop to 5-6 degrees Celsius.
  • September-October: The mid-September to mid-October is the best time to visit Ladakh. You can enjoy every place of Ladakh without any restriction, as it is the best time for tourists, most of the places are open at this time of the year for visiting. From September to October, many festivals are celebrated throughout the country. You can also enjoy the local festivals during this time.
  • November to December- It’s the end of the year and the footfalls are decreased. It’s the last few days of tourism because after that again the winter starts and no one can visit Ladakh. During November and December, the temperature can go to 6 to 5 degrees Celsius. It again starts to get colder so it’s better to avoid Ladakh bike trips rather than that you can take a flight or train or bus.

Now, it depends on you to choose the best season according to your ladakh trip plans and you’re like. This will help you to understand which time to choose for the best experience and best time for the Ladakh bike trip.

Let’s see some of the best Ladakh bike tour packages you can get for the bike trip to Ladakh.

59,150 kilometers square is the total area of Ladakh. To cover up that much area and explore the most beautiful places of Ladakh on a bike you will have to plan a trip for at least 10-15 days. It sounds like a big amount of time and distance, but it is can not be expressed in words how much amount of time and distance you have to encounter all the beauty of Ladakh. Once you start with the journey it will feel like a small period.

How much does it cost?

A bike trip to visit Ladakh will cost you from 16000-35000. It depends on what kind of package you’ll be taking and if you are traveling alone then you can take care of your expenses according to you –ladakh trip cost on bike

Some traveling agencies offer you to customize your packages, you can refer to those also.

Here is the whole plan for Leh to Leh trip from Kaizen Adventours, you can also check the more exciting offers and packages from various places. Click the link below and know more : https://kaizenadventours.com

Now, let’s have a look at the Leh to Leh package

This leh to Leh package includes Leh sightseeing, Pangong Lake, Nubra valley, and many other places.

The cost of the trip is about 18000-23000 rupees for an 11-day trip. It is one of the most affordable trips to go to Ladakh on a bike.

Now, you may be wondering what does this pack includes. Here what is it offers for an 11-day trip,

  • Fuel
  • Accommodation
  • Bike
  • Meals
  • Mechanic Support
  • Backup Vehicle

Apart from this, you get a great team for traveling. It is better to travel with experienced people rather than traveling alone.

Everything you want is included here and mostly the fuel and accommodation. As we all know the prices of fuel are touching the limits of the sky. It is a good deal at an affordable price with many facilities including.

What is the best bike to travel In Ladakh?

We all know about the craze we have for Royal Enfield bikes for traveling. It is a trend and it has become a kind of aesthetic to travel on a Royal Enfield. It also has some good features anybody will need for traveling a long distance and also best bike for Ladakh trip 

Pulser and hero impulse can also be a good option for traveling. You can choose a bike within certain criteria like luggage carrying capacity, fuel, mileage, model of the bike, braking system, condition of the bike, etc.

What to keep in mind while traveling to Ladakh on a bike?

For you, the bike carries essential tools in a tool kit that will help you with changing tyers and other machine tools for tightening brakes, etc.

Check air pressure and oiling of your bike, to have a smooth journey.

If you’re traveling alone you should carry a lot of essential things such as a tent, ropes, knives, a lighter, food, water, medicines, proper clothes, blankets etc.

To take care of yourself always carry extra pair of shoes and clothes. If you have breathing difficulties you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. It may be harmful to you to travel in a high-altitude area with breathing problems.

Always carry your documents with you like your driving license and the paper of the vehicle you’re traveling with. It is a necessary thing to remember as it will help you a lot to move freely throughout the place.

Follow the guidelines provided by the tour guide to maintain a peaceful environment.

Don’t be too rushed to explore the beauty alone, be patient and enjoy every scene and place peacefully. If you’re hurrying to go everywhere you’ll not able to every place you wished for.

Make a plan before you go, have a well-defined Map to avoid getting lost, and even if you get out of the track, take out the map as soon as possible and get back to the roads.

Here we come to the end of the guide to know about the best time to go for a Ladakh bike trip, with safety measures, types of bikes you need, and the thing you should keep in mind. Everything here is to make your trip easier and are some of the best recommendations we can give to you. It’s all up to you how you want to plan your time. If you’re planning to go for a Ladakh trip by road do include these tips if you find them helpful.

Those who want enjoy the beauty of Leh Ladakh trip and try out various trekking options We are offering best prices and services on Leh Ladakh tour packages for these short and long treks. Get Best Ladakh Tour Packages from Kaizen Adventours.

You can also check our blog about ‘Leh & Ladakh Travel Guide to find out more about the things that can be added to you Leh Ladakh trip – Leh Ladakh tour packages

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