Lakshadweep: The Gem of the Arabian Sea

Lakshadweep: The Gem of the Arabian Sea

In Lakshadweep, the ocean is prettier, the people happier and the nature more blissful.

Located somewhere in between the Arabian Sea and Laccadive Sea is the elusive island chain formerly known as Laccadive Minicoy and Amindivi. The charm of Lakshadweep lies in the fact that it is so remote and the people, nature and culture are unlike anything else. Lakshadweep is most certainly deserving of the title ‘The Gem of the Arabian Sea’.

The roughly 60,000 people of the islands live a peaceful and content life. They seem to have no stress whatsoever. Well let us just say, once you go to Lakshadweep, you too will become just like them. So get ready for one hell of a ride! Or as I should say: One heaven of a sail.

Why Lakshadweep?

The real question is: Do I really need to answer this question?

It is fairly obvious as to why anyone would want to visit Lakshadweep. In a way, it can be said that it should be the holy pilgrimage for all lovers of the beach and seas. Not only because it has some of the best beaches in India, but can genuinely be an actual pilgrimage. Its majorly Muslim background gives it many prominent and unique mosques built in a distinct style native to only Lakshadweep and Kerala.

Once you reach Lakshadweep you will wonder whether everything is in slow motion. It will feel as if the time slowed down as you touch the islands. Everyone is just relaxing, going about their daily work of fishing and coconut farming at a leisurely rate. Post- lunch siesta and naps are the norm and this is the farthest we can get from the hurry and burry of the city life.

You may be a busy person; living a serious, strenuous and stressful life, being very adult about everything, but once you are in the atolls of Lakshadweep, you are just another innocent child playing in the sun, the sand and the sea. Is there really anything else we need!

Another major attraction of Lakshadweep is the fact that it is very remote and far off the beaten track. Not much tourism goes on here. This ensures that it isn’t crowded and will give a bit (a lot) of breathing space that isn’t afforded in a typical tourist destination. Combine this with the fact that its history isn’t very clear as to who settled the islands first, and it is clear why Lakshadweep has a mysterious appeal.

If you are still on the edge as to whether or not to visit Lakshadweep, remember that Lakshadweep exemplifies what life should be; simple, fun, happy and beaches. So experience life while you can – Carpe Diem!

How to Reach Lakshadweep?

You may be wondering how Lakshadweep has been kept a hidden gem for so long despite the fact that it has some of the best beaches and lagoons of India. There is a simple reason: Government regulations. You will require a permit to visit Lakshadweep and only a select few of the 36 islands are open to tourists. For foreigners, it is even more controlled, with them being restricted to the islands of Agatti, Bangaram and Kadmat. While this may come across as a strange decision by the government, it is important as it allows the fragile ecosystems and cultures of Lakshadweep to be preserved.

Once you get the necessary permits, Kochi is the starting point for any trip to the isles, be it by ship, flight or by road (oh wait). There are 6 flights a week to the island of Agatti from Kochi. This is the only way to reach Lakshadweep by air unless you own a private or chartered plane. However, the most opted mode of transportation is by ship. This is the way the localites commute to and from the mainland and most of the tourists also use this method. There are only few authorised travel agents such as Ashok Travels and Tours and SPORTS Lakshadweep Tourism (which is actually government owned) that conduct tours to Lakshadweep.

There are many ship tours and packages from Kochi to Lakshadweep. The initial journey from the mainland to the islands will take about 12-18 hrs while the subsequent shuttles between islands take shorter. While you wouldn’t call the ship a luxury cruise, it is comfortable enough to have a good journey and is affordable too. There are a few government run (SPORTS) resorts in Lakshadweep, however they are expensive and most tourists just opt with the cruise packages where the overnight stay is in the ship itself.

If you don’t want to take up any government regulated packages and just fly-in to enjoy your time, you will have to schedule your itinerary in advance and get it authorised with the tourism department. Yes, this all seems like a big hassle to get to a tiny group of islands but you must realise that it is vital for the health and prosperity of Lakshadweep that it remains this way. Oh, and how much ever complex it gets to plan your holiday to the gems of the Arabian Sea, once you step foot on the oasis of land surrounded by water, all will be forgotten and it will be 1000% worth it.

Best Time to Visit Lakshadweep

The best time to go to Lakshadweep would be in the winter months, from October to February. The weather is just perfect for beach time during this period as it doesn’t get too hot yet is warm enough to enjoy the sea. In summers, it would be too hot and humid to even stand out without shade while in the rainy season, Lakshadweep receives its fair dose of rain and is one of the more wet regions in the country. To summarise, winters is when you should go on this holiday of a lifetime.

Islands of Lakshadweep

Despite Lakshadweep literally meaning One Lakh Islands, there are infact ‘only’ 36 islands in this archipelago. The total area of these islands sum up to a grand total of 32 km2; on average that is less a square kilometre per island. Combine this with the fact that only 10 of these islands are inhabited, and you get a small albeit majorly unexplored islands that has loads of surprises to offer. Again keep in mind that most of these are islands aren’t permitted for tourists to visit, but even amongst the ones that are allowed, there is so much variety in culture, nature and things to do. So let us explore all the diversity of Lakshadweep with a brief guide to some of the major islands. Exciting isn’t it!

1. Kavaratti

The capital of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti certainly lives up to its name. The only island in Lakshadweep where you will find some semblance to the normal Indian hustle-bustle is Kavaratti. And yet it feels like man and nature are living together, aiding one another.

There is a long winding beach all across the eastern coast of the island where you will find fishermen emptying out their nets, drying their fish, chickens and other livestock crowing about and relatively commercialised shops. And yet there are only a minimal amount of tourists and you would still find the place to be very quaint if you come from a city, as all this has virtually no effect on the astounding beauty of the lagoon that covers the eastern coast of Kavaratti. Full of star fish, anemones, sea cucumbers, schools of colourful fish and more, this lagoon is thriving with life.

A short drive to Dolphin Dive Centre, which organises Scuba diving trips to the waters surrounding Kavaratti, gives you a chance to get a closer look at the wonderful marine life. Although out of bounds for tourists, Suheli Par and Pitty Island are accessible if you take a diving package that lets you explore the waters of these islands (you still wouldn’t be allowed to enter the island itself). The lagoon of these islands is the watery abode of WW2 jeeps and trucks that were thrown overboard after a ship got struck. Even snorkelling is a good go in Kavaratti. For those who want to view the sea animals and fish without getting wet, even you have an option! The glass bottom boat takes you a bit deeper into the sea as you can see a plethora of fish oblivious to the fact that they have got some admirers. You even get a chance to see dolphins galloping out of the water!

For those wondering if there is anything to do out of the sea, don’t you worry. The Ujra Mosque, at first sight doesn’t even look like a mosque, as it is built in a traditional Keralite style, complete with sloping tiled roofs. The pillars of the 17th century mosque are intricately carved and the whole ceiling, ornate and elegant, is carved out of a single driftwood. The other major attraction of Kavaratti is the Marine Aquarium and Museum. It contains a wide variety of fish, shark and corals. The museum has many curiosities such as the utensils, cowries, and artworks of locals, shells and even a huge skeleton of a Blue Whale!

The capital of Lakshadweep is great in so many aspects and leads the islands from the front. Kavaratti is definitely worth your visit.

Where to Stay: Paradise Hut Resort is the only place to stay in Kavaratti and is situated near the jetty.

2. Kalpeni

Have you ever wanted to own a private island? Kalpeni may not be one, but when you are there, it will feel like your own isle. With barely 4000 people living there and almost no tourists, this is heaven for all those wanting a nice, secluded, romantic holiday in Lakshadweep. This is because the only way to reach it is by cruise and there are no resorts for overnight stay. The quiet and lazy nature of the island is only possible thanks to this.

The oddity of this tiny 2km2 island is that it has no proper beach; whilst it does have the small Koomel Beach, it is littered with sea weed and coral debris. The reason behind this is that a storm in 1847 reshaped the island and made a bank of coral debris all across the shore. Within the Kalpeni lagoon are the subsidiary islands of Cheriyam and Tilakkams full of calcified corals, home to crabs and snails among others.

Upon entering Kalpeni you will be mesmerised by the hospitality of the islanders as they offer you with the customary coconut water welcome drink and do their folk dances of Parichakkali and Kolkali. While the main water sports like paragliding, speed boat, etc may not be available due to lesser tourism, you can indulge in the kayaks and banana boats that seem like only you are using. Kalpeni is also INCREDIBLE for Scuba Diving, with the most colourful reefs! Snorkelling is also quite the deal in Kalpeni, especially as you go to the northern Tip Beach and Cheriyam Island. Being a lagoon the water is mostly only knee deep and you get ample opportunities to view the vibrant fish, turtles, sea cucumbers, crabs, corals, dead and alive. However keep in mind that these dead corals are quite poky so be sure to wear appropriate footwear while walking over the shoreline.

In the afternoons you can laze around and take a nap under the sweet shade of the coconut trees. Or you could even pay a visit to the 37m high Lighthouse, from where you see the island covered in a canopy of coconut trees. Even the food here is different and tasty, as Octopus, pickled or fried, is a delicacy unique to Kalpeni. This island offers a distinct charm that can only be seen and experienced to be believed.

Where to Stay: No provision for overnight stay is present in Kalpeni. However the Koomel Beach Resort has facilities for lunch and snacks.

3. Minicoy

All around the world, Maldives is famous for its beaches, lagoons and islands. What if you were told that India has its very own Maldives, perhaps even better? Still don’t believe? Look no further than Minicoy! The southernmost of the Lakshadweep Islands, it is actually culturally and geographically closer to Maldives than the rest of India. Infact they even speak a dialect of the Maldivian language Dhivehi called Mahi.

The cultural anomaly and stunning nature, coupled with possibly the best lagoon in all of Lakshadweep makes Minicoy a paradise on earth. The lagoon, in the purest form of blue, almost turquoise, seems to have been personally crafted by God. It is very shallow and even little kids wouldn’t need supervision in the water. Within the lagoon, you can find small clusters of corals which can be discovered using your own snorkelling kit. Unlike in the other islands where you may need to go to another end of the lagoon or into the sea for snorkelling or scuba diving, you needn’t do that in Minicoy. The pristine sand of the beach is also covered by dead corals, giving it quite an attractive finish. Just don’t pick up the corals because that’s a criminal offence. You could just bask in the sun on the beach all day in Minicoy!

Within the island you can visit the Lighthouse, offering unparalleled sights of the isle and ocean beyond. Or if you feel like seeping yourself in the culture of the people of Minicoy then you should take a ride around any of the 10-odd villages on the island. You could grab some of the snacks that the sweet old ladies make such as the Faratta sweet, kirufolla or buy the Minicoy style tuna pickle. You could take a tour of the house of a Mopan or the village chief or visit the ancient sundial near Aloodi village, which is still in use. There is even a coconut desiccation factory for you to visit.

Overall, whether you want to experience a different culture, or you love the beach or you just want to enjoy the sea life, Minicoy should be the first island on your list for your trip to Lakshadweep.

Where to Stay: The government Minicoy Island Beach Resort at the Eastern end of the island is your place to stay for an overnight halt.

4. Kadmat

Yet another island in the lap of the Arabian Sea, Kadmat really has a thing going for itself. With its soft white sandy beaches and gorgeous lagoon, why wouldn’t anyone want to come here?

Kadmat is an island that was meant to be left alone; unexplored until the 18th century, it used to just be a fishing outpost for the villagers of nearby Amini Island until tourism picked up. Even now it is a quiet islet of just 5000-odd people. Kadmat is shaped like a club and is very narrow, stretching for 8km but has a maximum width of only 550m. Once again, the narrow lagoon provides you with ample snorkelling and Scuba opportunities as you can dive into a beautiful world of fish, corals, colours and wonders. Glass boat rides are also provided for feasting your eyes with the underwater marvels. Kayaking, pedal boats, sailing yachts’, etc are other water activities to pique your interest.

Thanks to all the water sports such as Scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking on one hand, and the calm and tranquil nature of the island on the other, Kadmat is one of the few places where you can have an adrenaline rush while feeling completely relaxed at the same time. The sunrise over the lagoon is a sight to behold and you will be as happy and in peace as possible. There is also a coir factory where you can see the process of manufacturing coir ropes.

The fine and soft white sand of the beaches, the marine life of the isle and the serenity of the environment make Kadmat one of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep.

Where to Stay: Kadmat Island Beach Resort, adorned with 28 sea facing rooms and a private beach is the only place for accommodation in Kadmat.

5. Agatti

Agatti is the only island in Lakshadweep with an airport, and that is a good thing because Oh my God is the view from the sky amazing! This thin strip of land in the middle of nowhere will captivate you like no other.

As you gaze into the horizon of the blue sea, the freely roaming turtles on the beach create the foreground. The lagoon of this island is also really nice with a selection of marine life. The common island activities like diving, snorkelling, glass boat are also available. The sunset on Lagoon Beach is said to be worth giving your life for, so that is one thing you shouldn’t miss when in Agatti.

The Golden Jubilee Museum in the island has a collection of jars, pots, platters, shipwrecks, an intricate model of the Minicoy sailing boat ’jagdhoni’, gold coins from 1560 and also Buddha busts from the 1st century AD! This clearly highlights that Agatti has had a rich cultural past, both Islamic and pre-Islamic. The Mohiyudeen Mosque, from the 16th century, is the epitome of cultural assimilation. Built in the form of a Malabar Temple, complete with red Mangalore tiles and no minarets, this mosque is the oldest on the atoll. This mosque is surrounded by a grove of palm trees, providing the finishing touches to an already beautiful picture.

As awesome as Agatti is, it is unfortunately mainly used as a stepping stone to get to Bangaram, about 10km to the North. However, don’t let the splendour of Bangaram blind you into thinking Agatti shouldn’t be fully explored. Enjoy your day fully in this island ornate with history and nature.

Where to Stay: Agatti Island Beach Resort, one of the only two private resorts in Lakshadweep will cater to your lodging needs in Agatti.

6. Bangaram

If you just want to be in the water throughout your vacation, you have come to the right place; Bangaram Island.

Just a short speedboat ride away from Agatti, this island is conveniently located and its greenery (or in this case blueery?) is just on another level. The waters and lagoons of Bangaram are teeming with life and is the world of puffer fish, sea turtles, starfish, butterfly fish, manta rays and other vivid groups of fish and aquatic animals. There is a diving school that teaches and certifies learners of the art, and snorkelling is just as popular. One of more unique and breath-taking experience in Bangaram is the snorkelling over a shipwreck, which allows you to rediscover the intricacies lost in the sea.

On the beaches, you wouldn’t be surprised to spot crabs and turtles, as they come out of their holes and sandbars. In what is a feel good story, the reef of the island, which was pronounced dead a few years back, has come to life with all its vigour and is home to the wide variety of underwater flora and fauna. Even the shallow parts of the lagoon have live coral; branch corals, brain corals, table corals and fluorescent blue corals, among other colours.

For the most cool and serene of holidays, come over to Bangaram and immerse yourself into the lap of Mother Earth.

Where to Stay: Bangaram Island Resort, the only other private resort in Lakshadweep other than Agatti, is where you will stay in Bangaram.


Ooh, sounds like quite the trip doesn’t it? I’m sure you must already be packing your bags and getting the permit to visit Lakshadweep. Be it an exhilarating day of Scuba diving or just a day of chilling on a hammock, Lakshadweep has it all.

So get on that ship (or plane) to Lakshadweep right now for the vacation of your dreams. Have a blast and make sure you explore and experience all the complexities and niceties of these sunny islands. Oh, and don’t forget to tell us about them!

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