Kedarnath trek

Kedarkantha trek is one of the exquisite treks nestled in the Himalayan valleys of Uttarakhand. Most of the people get confused with the names of Kedar Kantha and Kedarnath, they think that both are the same trek, but I want to tell you all in the beginning that Kedar Kantha is a Trek, and Kedarnath is in Uttarakhand. There is a very famous temple, both of them are different places.(Kedarnath trek)

Now we talk about kedarkantha trek, this trek is one of the most popular trek in Uttarakhand. The height of KedarKantha trek is 12,500 feet. Now you must have understood how the view would be from such a height. And this trek is also a great trek for those people who are trekking for the first time. Kedarkantha Trek Considered to be one of the most popular treks in India, one of the main reasons for starting the Kedar Kantha trek.(Kedarnath trek)

The climbing of this trek is popular among the people, while doing this trek you get to see the peaks and snow-capped peaks. This scene is so beautiful that it cannot be described in words, experience it yourself. The path of Kedar Kantha trek passes through dense forest,

This makes this trek even more exciting, the Kedar Kantha trek gives you a 360-degree view of the snow-capped mountains and forests. The campsite of the KedarKantha trek offers the best view of sunset which will be remembered by you forever. As you get closer to the summit, the climb becomes steeper and more difficult.

But as soon as you come close to the upper Himalayas, the view is as if the world has changed, you can see some pictures of Kedar Kantha in this blog, the real scene is more beautiful than this.


Most people associate Kedarkantha with the name Kedarnath . Kedarkantha and Kedarnath with almost similar names are two different places with their own popularity. But according to mythological beliefs, people believe that Kedarkantha could have been Kedarnath if there was no presence of people here at that time. In fact, Lord Shiva, who took the form of Nandi bull in the Mahabharata period, was the first to come to Kedarnath to hide from the Pandavas. But local people used to live here at that time, due to which the peace of Lord Shiva was disturbed.

The local people of Sankri region believe that during the Mahabharata period, when Lord Shiva was sitting here hiding from the Pandavas, his attention was distracted by the bells of the animals grazing in the grass, after which Lord Shiva walked towards Kedarnath. Had gone. The people here believe that the Trishul built in Kedarkantha protects them and does not allow them to lack water from the holy rivers.

A mountain trek of about 4 kms from Sankri village reaches the place “Juda ka Tal”. Juda ka Taal is a pond of water whose water generally remains frozen in winter. The mythological story behind the pond of Juda is that when Lord Shiva, while going to Kedarkantha for meditation, stopped here and opened his hair, due to which two drops of water fell at this place. Because of this, today there is a rhythm which is known as Juda Ka Taal.

KedarKantha trek duration

It will take you 6 days to complete the kedar kantha trek.

Kedar Kantha Trek Distance

This trek is 23 kms.

Kedar Kantha trek starting point

Kedar kantha trek starts from Sankri village Uttarakhand. But you have to reach Dehradun first to reach here. The distance from Dehradun to Sankri village is 196 km, which will take you 10 to 11 hours to do. From Dehradun, you should leave for Sankri village early in the morning so that you reach here on time.

One special thing: – A Forest Permit is required before entering Sankri. This permit comes to Govind Pasha National Park before the village of Sankri, there is a check post.

You can get your Forest Permit from here very easily by showing your government authorized ID proof and you have to show this permit before entering Sankri village and fill a small form.

Journey begins

Day 1: Trek from Sankri to Juda ka Talab

Your first day will start for Sankri Se Juda Ka Talab. Its distance is about 4 kilometers from Sankri. This journey will take you around 3-4 hours depending on your fitness level. I guarantee you that the scenery of this trek will leave you spellbound.

The trail can be a bit steep in some places and it will test your endurance. Juda Ka Talab is situated at an altitude of 9,100 feet. Enjoy the Born Fire in Juda’s Pond and enjoy the starry sky at night.

Day 2: Trek from Juda ka Talab to Kedarkantha base camp

Today your trek will be from Juda Ka Talab to Kedar Kantha peak. Its distance will be 4 kilometers. It may take you 4 -6 hours to complete this journey depending on your fitness level in the hills.

On this route you will pass through meadows and hills with dense forests and you will have to climb steep peaks. After reaching here, you get a wonderful scenic view from the peak of Kedarkantha.

Day 3: Trek from Kedarkantha base camp to summit and descend down to Hargaon

Now is the day when you will conquer the mountains and the real test of your fitness will be today. A total distance of 6 kms from here will take you from 11250 feet to 12500 feet and bring you back to 8,900 feet. What a wonderful day, this day will be the most exciting day of your trek which you will always remember.

On this day you will get to see a lot of ups and downs and you will also have a lot of fun Mary Salah you have to start this day early in the morning and it is necessary to do so. Because today’s journey is going to be long and difficult.

Today you can see the white and dark blue clouds together from the Kedarkantha peak very close together, this view will really make you spell-free, this view is so spectacular that it is impossible to describe it in words. From the summit of Kedarkantha, you can get a 360-degree view of the Himalayan ranges.

You will also find a small temple of Lord Ganesha here and a small temple of Shiva and Goddess Parvati along with it. Take your time, and relax here for a while and behold the beauty of this place and feel the atmosphere here. It is very difficult to describe this place in words.

It will take you 2 hours to reach Hargaon from here. After reaching Hargaon, enjoy and celebrate the Born Fire.


Day 4: Trek from Hargaon to Sankri Village

It will take you 3 hours to trek from Hargaon to Sankri. Because the time it takes for us to climb up and down, we take half the time when descending.

Now you will descend mostly down and you will be at an altitude of 6400 feet in Sankri and with this you will have the last day of this beautiful trek. The trek to Kedarkantha is done exclusively in the winter months.

Because at this time the beauty of this trek increases many times. And at this time both nature lovers and avid trekkers enjoy the experience of this trek.

Why Kedar Kantha Trek Famous?
  • Kedarkantha Trek is famous for trekking in winters.
  • Kedar kantha trek is famous for trekking.
  • Kedarkantha trek is famous for camping.
  • Kedar kantha trek is famous for its spectacular view of the Himalayas.
  • Kedarkantha trek is famous for Sankri range.
  • Kedar kantha trek is famous for Juda Ka Talab.
  • Kedarkantha trek is famous for skiing.
  • Kedarkantha Trek is famous for Mahadev Temple.

Best time to visit kedar kantha trek/Kedarnath trek

Kedarkantha can be reached in any season. Reaching here in each season is a different thrilling experience. Reaching here in the rainy season can be quite dangerous because during the rainy season landslides, stones and trees fall on the mountain roads, as well as problems like lightning on the peaks are common. This is the reason why tourists should not plan to reach Kedarkantha in the month of July-August. Kedarkantha trek is famous among trekkers only for winters. It is also called the most favorite winter trek of Uttarakhand.

It can be reached during the months of May and June during summer. These two months are good enough to enjoy an easy trek under clear sky during the day. In this season where the temperature will be pleasant during the day, the nights will be quite cool.

The maximum snowfall is reached during winters between December and February. The sight and the thrill of the journey also increases with snow. Snowfall can usually be seen here during this season. It is very cold here in this season, so tourists should carry good warm clothes in sufficient quantity.

During March-April also there is a lot of snowfall, but this season usually receives less snowfall.

During the season from September to November, there is a lot of greenery in the high altitude areas. The weather is also clear during this time. The trek to Kedarkantha can be completed easily even in this season.

Kedar Kantha temperature

Kedarkantha Temperature in Summer (Kedarkantha Temperature from April to June)
Max: about 25℃
Min: about 5-8℃
Kedarkantha Temperature in Monsoon (Kedarkantha Temperature from July to September)
Max: about 20℃
Min: about 3-5℃
Kedarkantha temperature in winter (Kedarkantha temperature from October to February)
Max: about 10℃
Min: about -20℃ and less

Things to keep in mind before going on Kedarkantha Trek/Kedarnath trek

1: If you are going on a trek through a tracking agency, then first of all understand all the rules of the agency. If you are taking the help of a local guide, then ask the guide for the necessary rules.

2: Kedarkantha is a snowy trek so carry necessary warm clothes and all trekking gear.

3: Carry food items with you. After a time, there will be no facility of any kind on the way.

4: During the trekking, any kind of medical facility like hospital or clinic is not available.

5: Mobile network facility is not available on the track. Along with this, due to cold, the battery of electronic devices drains quickly.

6: The most important gear for trekking, focus on the shoes. Use good shoes for trekking.

7: Take care of all kinds of dangers like stones falling from the hill, wild animals, slippery etc. on the mountain road.

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