Churdhar Trek

Churdhar trek

Churdhar Trek Himachal Pradesh

Churdhar Trek takes you to the highest peak of the Himalayas. And it is true, the maximum height of Churdhar is 12000 feet. Which is the highest peak of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas.

And even today very few people know about this Trek, in English we can also call it Unexplored Trek. This trek will surely make you feel heaven on earth. I have done all the treks somewhere but the thing about this trek is different. This trek is more beautiful than you think.

During Trekking, you will also see some types of herb trees, which you hardly get to see anywhere else. A very positive wave of Lord Shiva moves in this place.

It cannot be described in words, experience it yourself. And Chur-Dhar is also known as Churi-Chandni Dhar (Bangles of Snow Ridge).

Churdhar Peak can be approached from three sides. The smallest and most popular Sirmaur district is Nauradhar. The summit is surrounded by a forest sanctuary of 56 square kilometers, which makes trekking a blissful destination.

The route of this trek passes through dense forests which will really give you a wonderful adventure and the last hour of the trek will capture you in your eyes for life.

Because the view would be so spectacular that you will not be able to forget it even if you want to and if you get the weather clear, then you can easily see Badrinath and all the way to Kedarnath, Shimla, Chail, Kufri, Kasauli, and Chakrata.

Why Churdhar Trek is Famous?

  • For trekking.
  • For camping.
  • For the highest peak of Himachal whose maximum height is 12000 feet.
  • For the ancient place of Lord Shankar.
  • For the dense forests of Churdhar Trek, which is surrounded by a forest sanctuary of 56 square kilometers.
  • For the amazing beauty of Churdhar Trek.
  • It is also famous for the wildlife sanctuary of Churdhar.

Best Time to visit Churdhar Trek

The best time to do Churdhar Trek is from May to October. The weather here is very nice at this time, after November, the path of Churdhar Trek gets closed due to excessive snowfall, then this route starts again.

Weather of Churdhar Trek

The temperature in Churdhar remains very cold for only 12 months. You will get to see snow here even in the season of May. I also did this trek in May itself.

How to reach Churdha Trek ?

You can reach here very easily, first of all you have to come from Delhi to Solan, Ac bus runs from Delhi to Solan. From Solan you will have to change bus. From Solan you have to take a bus to Noradhar.

And even if you want to go by bike or car, you can reach very easily. I went here by bike to talk to Mary. And talking about the road, the road also remains very beautiful. It may take 10 to 11 hours to reach you by your own car or bike.

Churdhar Trek Location

  • Churdhar is located in Noradhar in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

The Route from Delhi to Chudhar

While going from Delhi to Churdhar Himachal Pradesh, some places will come in your way.

First, you will go :-

  • Delhi to Sonipat
  • Sonipat to Panipat
  • Panipat to Colonel
  • Colonel to Kurukshetra
  • Kurukshetra to Ambala
  • Ambala to Solan
  • Solan to Rajgarh
  • Rajgarh to Noradhar

Delhi To Chudhar in one go Possible?

Whereas Chudhar can be easily reached from Delhi in one go, you can reach here very easily in 10 to 11 hours by your own car.

How many kilometer is a chudhar Trek?

You have to walk 25 kms to complete this trek. Coming and going 50 kms.

Things to keep in mind before starting Chudhar Trek?

Before starting Churdhar Trek, you have to have a good breakfast and keep a bottle of water and some food items with you. Because there is only one place in the middle of this trek, that is the name of the place.

Tiri which you can see in the photo, here you will get Maggi tea and lentil rice and after that you will get food in Churdhar only, so keep something to eat with you because this Trek is very long and through dense forests. goes.

Some tips for you :-

  • While doing Trekking wearing comfortable socks so that you do not face any problem in Trekking.
  • Keep a bag with you in which you can keep a bottle of water and some food items.
  • To charge the mobile, keep a power bank with you so that you can listen to songs.
  • To make Trekking a memorable one, definitely keep a Bluetooth speaker with you.
  • And definitely carry a thick jacket because you will feel very cold after reaching the top.

 Which hotel to stop Before Starting the Trek

There are not many hotels in Noradhar as Noradhar is just a village. Noradhar is famous for Churdhar’s Trek. That’s why people just come here to do trekking. The hotel where I stayed. Its name is Hotel Anand Regency. Talking about the rooms, the rooms are well maintained. It is clean and the rent of this hotel is also not high, I had given 600 rupees for one night in this hotel. Maybe now the rent has gone up.

You can also stay in this hotel and if you want, you can find out about more hotels. Because by the time I reached Noradhar, it was 9 o’clock in the night. So I couldn’t see much.

Is it necessary to Guide to Trek?

Yes, you do not have to do this trek without a guide, if you are doing this trek for the first time. Because the path of this trek is very long and this path goes through dense forests. Any new person can easily go astray here. The guides here also take you to churdhar before it gets dark.

Because once it gets dark the guide can’t do much. There are many wild animals in this forest and sighting of bears is common here. The local people here know.

How and what should be done in such a situation, so it is necessary to guide. And the guide also tells you many things. Knowing about that place, you will have a lot of fun and general knowledge also increases. Whatever hotel you stay in, the hotel will guide you and give it to you.

How long will it take you to trek

It will take you two days to do this trek, one day to go up and the other day to come down.

You should start this trek early in the morning so that you can enjoy all the fun by going up early, I mean you start this trek at 6 or 7 in the morning, I started this trek at 11 am but when I reached the top, it was too late in the dark. happened. So avoid such mistake and start this trek early in the morning.

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