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Best Motorcycle Tours in India

Best Motorcycle Tours in India

Best Motorcycle Tours in India

India is a vast country with so many beautiful places and some of them are still unexplored. You can reach anywhere by trains, buses or flight but you can explore every corner with your bike. The bike is connected with emotions and power. They are a symbol of how people can balance their life on two wheels. With those two wheels and perfect balance, you can explore every bit of life.

We are here to tell you about the best motorcycle tours in India. Yes, in India. Some people are still unaware that this is incredible India and every state in India is a piece of art. If you think there are no such roads or no such clean places where you can have a motorcycle tour in India, then you’re wrong. India is so much more than just political and industrial business. The history behind all these places which are yet to be discovered will leave your mouth hanging.

If you are ready for the adrenal rush in your body with those rough and tough roads to explore the serene beauty of India. Then keep reading, you’ll get everything you need to know here.

Firstly, let’s explore the best motorcycle tours in India-

1. Leh Ladakh

You cannot start your conversation on motorcycle tours without Ladakh. It’s a paradise for bikers and a dream for all the bikers. There are so many special and beautiful places you can visit with your bikes only. Ladakh offers you two things in one place, first, the adventure which you’ll get to reach any place because of the high-altitude places are not easy to reach and second the peace, you’ll get the most peaceful view and it will make you so calm.

There are so many places you can visit and have so much fun. You can even try new activities like trekking, camel ride, camping and so much more. Not only fun adventures you can visit so many places like monasteries and temples and the hall of fame to get to know more about Leh Ladakh.

You’ll get the best experience of being a biker when you set up your tent near the Pangong lake, and just enjoy the best view in the world with your warm cup of tea.

A trip to Ladakh will cost you up to 10000-15000 rupees or more than that. You can choose to have a rental bike if you are going on a solo trip and you are familiar with the places and roads. If not, plan your trip with professional tour guides for the best experience. If you are a professional biker then keep exploring!

2. Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is a place that you must have heard or read in travel journals. It is a beauty with a twist. These are mostly surrounded by snow-covered mountains in Himachal. These are best for motorcycles because you’ll get the best experience while riding your bikes through the roads of Spiti Valley. It is famous for its similar Tibetian culture and so many places with loads of activities to do. The Kaza-Ki-Kibbar is a very famous place in Spiti valley. You can get a chance to ride a Yak (yak safari), there you can visit Kibber wildlife sanctuary and go camping in those snow-covered mountains.

Moreover, you can go to Rangrik, where you can go river rafting, it is a bit difficult activity to do in such high altitudes of Spiti Valley but if you have strong lungs capacity you can go for it.

The best time to visit Spiti for a motorcycle tour is from April to May. As the summer approaches, it will be easier for you to tolerate the weather, but the weather of Spiti is unpredictable so be prepared for extreme cold.

3. Jaipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a royal place to visit with so many historic places to visit. If you are a fan of traveling and exploring the historic forts with so many things to learn, then you’ll love to visit Jaipur. If you are someone who lives near Delhi then it is 5 hours trip by road from Delhi to Jaipur. It doesn’t have difficult roads or harsh weather like the other places mentioned above. It has tolerable weather, except summers. We all are aware that Rajasthan is famous for its deserts and you’ll have to suffer from loo or heatstroke so, choose wisely and go for a trip safely from November to January.

It’s also famous for its local markets in Bikaner and Pushkar, you can explore those markets can get handmade traditional stuff. You can visit the Ranthambhore Tiger reserve, Sambhar Lake, and the most famous Hawa mahal.

For bikers, it is not a tough place to visit if you have already had a trip to more adverse places than Jaipur is a place where you can enjoy peacefully. The folk dances and street dances by the road will keep you entertained throughout the journey.

A trip to Jaipur with most of the places included will cost you up to 15k to 20k which includes the fuel, food, and accommodation.

4. Kerala

A trip to Kerala is a must on your bucket list while exploring the best motorcycle tours in India. Kerela has the best sceneries with lots of greenery and it is such a beautiful place to visit. The mild weather will not let you stop anywhere and nature will take you deeper and deeper into it. You can start your journey from Kottayam and go on exploring all the other places. You can visit Vagamon, which is a hill station with such beautiful scenic beauty. You’ll get to know why India is called God’s own country. You can visit one of the rarest places in India, Kuttanad. Kuttanad is a paradise for farmers where the farming is done below sea level. The road which leads to these places is very smooth which will give you comfort and curvy which will let you experience joy and adventure.

Munnar Tea plantation is a must-visit place, you will experience the smell of tea leaves around you while you ride your bike from between the gardens. It is like a movie scene. You’ll remember this as the best memory in your traveling journal. You must not forget to go from Varkala to Kappil Beach. It is one of the best rides because while riding your bike you’ll experience the seashore on one side and palm trees on the other side. Though it is not preferred for bikes to go through the crowded road as it will be dangerous, you can go from the non-tarred roads and enjoy your journey.

5. Arunachal Pradesh

The northeastern part of India is called the ‘hidden land’. As the name suggests, Arunachal has less population than other states, and many places are still unexplored. There are so many natural wonders and historic secrets within unexplored places. If you are looking for a trip that is equally tough and beautiful then Arunachal is waiting for you. It is a difficult place to have bike trips but it is equally exciting. You’ll face rain, rocky roads, rivers, hills, forests, broken bridges, and so many more hurdles. If you are someone who loves adventure then this trip is worth it. You’ll experience the best views with your skills of traveling.

You can visit the hot water spring in Dirang, the tribal village of Sherdukpen, the locals of this village follow Buddhism and you can learn so much from them. You can try so many different food items which are normally not found in restaurants.

Bum La Pass, is a historic place, which holds the history of war, this will give you so much knowledge about the history and heritage of Arunachal. You can finish your journey with site seeing in Tawang, you should keep your cameras with you because you will not be able to see this kind of scenic beauty anywhere else. There are many more places to visit, you can explore and know about Arunachal.

Things to keep in mind are : 

  • Follow are the rules and regulations of the places you visit.
  • Take proper permissions before you go.
  • Take proper measures to treat yourself if you are injured during the journey.
  • Prepare a list of things of need.
  • Carry oxygen cylinders and first-aid kits.
  • Take proper clothes that suit the weather
  • Be hydrated
  • Have a physical map with you as there will be no network in most of the places you go.

Conclusion : 

As a biker, your sole motive should be exploring as much as possible and learning from every experience you get from there. There are so many places that you can plan for a motorcycle trip in India. There are limitless options and these are a few of the places which must be on your bucket list. These places will give you the best experience and improve your skills for traveling. Get disconnected from the busy world and your daily life and surround yourself with beautiful nature. These types of trips will also help you to attain spiritual peace. Before going on any motorcycle tour, do have proper training in camping, bike repairing, and exercise regularly before a month. Consult a doctor to know yourself better and carry proper things before you leave. Learn, experience, and explore – Best Motorcycle Tours in India.

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